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Saturday 8th June 2024


A welcome drink, Spanish-themed buffet lunch, and a light evening meal will be provided free of charge.


There will also be a bespoke cocktail and booze bar from which you may purchase your own drinks.


The wedding ceremony and reception will both be held at Carswell Weddings Field, 8X4V+PG, Plymouth PL8 1HG.



Click below for more information on getting to the wedding.

Dress Code


Interpret the brief however you like. We're talking glittery suits and flamboyant dresses paired with a feather boa or your grandpa's top hat. There will be a prize awarded to the best dressed guest!


Bring flat, comfortable shoes and a warm jacket for the evening.


Having you there on our wedding day is more than enough. However, if you would like to get us a gift then we won't say no!


If you'd like to contribute to our honeymoon fund, you can click the link below...

Wedding Schedule

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