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Carswell Weddings is in a beautiful, remote, coastal location in deepest, sunniest Devon. It is about 10 minutes drive from Noss Mayo and a 30 minute drive from Totnes. Given the remote location, we recommend that you plan how to get to the wedding sooner rather than later. We have listed a few different transport options below:

Transport options

Train to totnes

One of the easiest ways to get to the area is via train to Totnes, followed by a 30 minute taxi or minibus to the site.


There are plenty of lovely accommodation options in Totnes to choose from.

Group minibus

If there is enough demand, we will be organising group minibuses to and from Totnes. Please indicate if you would be interested in this on the RSVP Form.


Estimated cost for minibus to/from Totnes: £10 per person per way

Private taxi

If you wish to arrange your own taxi transport, there are a few different taxi companies that serve the area, including:

Connect Cabs Totnes

Brutus Cabs

Roadrunner Taxis Totnes

Marathon Taxis Totnes

own vehicle

We will have ample parking in the field onsite for anyone who wishes to drive to and from the site.


If you have space in your car and would be happy to collect one or two fellow guests from Totnes train station, please get in touch with us.

Wedding location

The wedding will be held in Carswell Weddings Field, shown on the map below. Please click here to open the link in Google Maps.

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